Thaís Geliski – “I enjoy the simplicity of life.” It is with that sentence that the new Bella Club model describes her greatest joys. The blonde, who is 23 years old, lives in Rio de Janeiro, and makes the day of all of those who live there when she decides to go for a walk on the beach. There, people are used to watch the sundown. It is like a ritual, people applauding the sun – well, unless Thaís is around. Then the applauses are for her! Thaís Geliski loves going on trips, cannot stand prejudice, and studies to become a nutritionist. For her, sex is all about being in sync – and that is something that was definitely present between her and the cameras in this new photo shoot. Get to know her better right now!

Thaís Geliski on

Thaís Geliski on

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