How did it all start in the modeling career? It happened naturally. I was jogging at the beach and a booker from an agency called me for a casting that would be happening a few days from there. That was how it all started. I went through, and then I had my first professional photos taken.

What other jobs have you done? I have worked on some publicity; I’ve done pictures for cosmetics’ brands, bikinis, beer, lingerie catalogues…

Of all the things you’ve done related to work, which was the funniest? I once passed on a test for a Valentine’s Day campaign in Sao Paulo, and when I arrived in the place to have my photos taken, I saw my work partner was a guy I was seeing at the time. It was a surprise for both of us. We laughed the whole day, and work was much more fun.

What about the strangest? That was when I was photographing for a suntan lotion in the Northeast of the country. A renowned photographer didn’t like one of the models who were there, and he complained about her all the time, until in the end they argued. I was uncomfortable for being part of that.


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