How was it that you decided to become a model? It wasn’t something I decided per se. It’s more like a dream fed with hopes and opportunities that keep me on the path and make me go towards my goals.

We hear you love soccer, is it true?Indeed, yes! I support a team from my town, and I always go to the matches.

Could you tell us something funny that happened during one of your jobs? There was something simple that happened once, and it was quite funny. I used to work in a TV program in Brazil, and the crew and I used to visit a few beaches in order to film scenes involving the general public. Some of these were made with couples (the man usually knew what we were doing, and the girlfriend / wife was unaware of it). These women didn’t like what we were doing at first; it was quite funny until they realized it was just a joke!

How about a complicated situation at work? I’ve been through some, of course. But I guess that when we keep focused on being professional, things go well in the end.


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The post Dieimi Sherllon – More of Dieimi on appeared first on All Hip Hop Models.

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