What turns you on about a Man?
Sexy, intelligent, can dress with confidence, God fearing loving man.

What lessons have you learned since you got into the business?
That looks arent everything and to be careful who you trust. Everyone will try to sell you a dream. Also, always be and do YOU!

What motivates and or inspires you?
The motivation to make a difference and with each day I know I must get up and make something happen in order to make a difference. If I dont, I know that Ive lost a day, and lost valuable time.

What compliments you?
My SMILE and personality

How would you describe your personal life?
I have a busy life I am a Basketball Mother of two boys and business owner of �Lips2lashesbyMyhria.� I have a really supportive MR, which really helps. My kids love what I do; they were born into this life.





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