Whats the sexiest thing youve done?
Hmm Ill have to say dressing up as a schoolteacher. Lol and the rest is history. Just know I had him behaving! Lol

Do you like girls?
(Laughing) Not in that kind of way. But I love beautiful women, give props when props are due.

How far do you want modeling to take you?
Well this is just a stepping-stone for bigger and better things. I want the whole world to know my name and know my face.

How do you feel about all the attention you get?
Well Im very humble so it doesnt mean that much to me but Im grateful for, it always puts a smile on my face to hear, “danggg youre so beautiful” or when their tapping their friends to look at me lol. But what matters the most is who you are on the inside as well.

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The post Ronique Nashe @roniquenashe in SHOW Magazine appeared first on All Hip Hop Models.

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