What makes you sexy?
Honestly my personality is what makes me sexy. Being able to lock eyes and have an engaging conversation usually drives a man crazy. My voice can reach and connect to a man on the first hello. Ive also heard on several occasions that my eyes make me look nasty…. nasty meaning freaky. . Lol I always think what the hell when I hear that. But it must be true I see it in my photos lol.

Whats your ideal vacation destination?
Paris. Im in love with Eiffel Tower and love Italian food, which is so close so Im sure some great food traveled up the coast a little! Im working on a custom tattoo of the Eiffel Tower. So watch for it…. I want to go there and have a romantic dinner on the rooftop, lots of great wine and pasta, and shopping. Bora Bora would be sexy too…who doesnt love beach getaways. Im going to Miami in October for my birthday cant wait to wear my thong and sit my ass on the sand! 😉

Lace or leather?
Both I feel sexy in both

Scream or moan?
When youre not faking, (which as women we do), both.

Lovemaking or quickie?
Im such a Libra both again…. Quickies are for when your dude does something amazingly sexy and you cant help it. Lovemaking is for special occasions or when you need each other.

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