How did you start your career? I started it with TV commercials, and photographing for clothing’s brands.

What is the most difficult thing in your job? To keep fit, definitely! If you work with your image, the way your body looks is important. It’s compulsory to eat healthily, and to exercise. Women out there are looking better and better every day, it’s a tough task.

Have you work on TV previously? I have worked in the Brazilian television already.

What are your professional goals now? I wish to get my Administration degree, and maybe go abroad for my Masters. I would also like to improve in dancing, my deepest passion. I’ve been a ballet dancer for a long time now, and that is pure pleasure for me.

What was the most awkward situation you’ve ever been through? I was once recording a prank for a TV channel. It was a tribute for all pizza delivery guys. Anyway, the prank was to make these guys to arrive with the pizza to be delivered, and find their customers in intimate situations. In my case, the delivery man saw me as I whipped and gagged the male actor pretending to be my husband. It was hilarious! Can you believe the delivery guy actually started to interact with us, taking his clothes off and eating a slice of pizza? The team arrived soon after that, because he was getting too excited! LOL We had a great time with that one.


The post Claudia Helena – Brazilian Beauties on BellaClub appeared first on

The post Claudia Helena – Brazilian Beauties on BellaClub appeared first on All Hip Hop Models.

Original article: Claudia Helena – Brazilian Beauties on BellaClub.

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January 27, 2016

Claudia Helena – Brazilian Beauties on BellaClub

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