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A few days ago Chris Tucker entertained an audience during a special night in Chicago. The one time blockbuster star has over the recent years found himself back in the trenches of stand up comedy. Well according to Zach Freeman for The Chicago Tribune; Tucker could sharpen up a bit before his next big show which includes Dave Chappelle. In the editorial written by Freeman; he went to explain what made Tucker’s recent stop in Chicago fall short.

Tucker has a presence and a talent that is impossible to deny. Aside from his energetic storytelling style, his impressions — over the course of the night he covered everyone from Barack Obama to Donald Trump to Jesse Jackson — are both subtle and incisive. He’s even better when he’s impersonating singers. Mary J. Blige, Prince and Michael Jackson (a personal friend of Tucker’s, whom he tells a number of stories about), all received remarkable singing/dancing personifications. But raw talent only goes so far, and Tucker’s set — about half of which previously appeared in his uninspired 2015 Netflix special “Chris Tucker Live” and which he’s likely honing on this tour for a four-night gig in New Orleans next month with Dave Chappelle — has a few major flaws at the moment. First, because Tucker has a habit of taking a good bit and milking it until the last laugh has been wrung from it — this leads to a good deal of repetition of both the set-up and the punchline of jokes, while with physical comedy it means continuing a given gesture for far too long — he has an inordinate amount of lengthy interludes between bits that absolutely kill the momentum and make the show drag when it need not. Second, he often didn’t seem completely sure where to go next, frequently mumbling and stumbling over words before finding his footing and pushing on, occasionally after a few false starts. Several times he circled back to previously covered topics abruptly, tacking on additional thoughts that seemed much more likely to hit if they were grouped together with similar material.


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