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Just when we thought Eddie Murphy’s character Axel Foley will return to the big screen for a fourth installment of the iconic franchise Beverly Hills Cop; news is circulating that that may no longer happen. Maybe because Murphy will be to busy touring? You can recall previous stories suggesting an official Eddie Murphy return to stand-up but after a recent talk to The Associated Press we are seeing how serious he is about potentially returning for one last tour. In his talk; Murphy explained he actually at one point was working on new material before his newest film, ‘Mr. Church’.

He has also been coming up with ideas for what he describes as one last comedy tour: “The Last Laugh.” “I wanted to get back on the stage and do stand up and go full circle like where I started,” explained Murphy. “Just do like one last tour or show or something. But you need like an hour and a half of stuff and the only way you get stuff is to just live life.” He added: “I stopped making movies to just be a person trying to come up with some jokes. But what happened was, I don’t think I came up with any jokes, I just wound up sitting in the backyard playing guitar and that kind of didn’t suck. …. then in the middle of all of that, (“Mr. Church” producer) Mark Canton sent me this script and I was like, ‘This is really good.’”



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