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Before another night of The Roasting World Championship on April 27th in Atlanta, GA; we talk with the league’s Championship belt holder, comedian Big Horne. Horne who is based in Atlanta has been a known stand-up comedian but is now building a reputation for his witty insults.

CH: When did you start roasting?

Man I’ve been roasting since I was a kid. How I see it, it was never roasting to me. I just knew too much. In elementary I’m making teachers cry because I was telling the truth. I was hurting their feelings. I could tell they had problems at home [laughs], I was saying that stuff in elementary. It’s really about seeing a person’s weakness and seeing their reaction…. It’s creativity. If I see something that bothers you I can tap on it. I grew up somewhat of a bully in school, so picking on people was something I’ve done.

CH: How long have you had the Roasting World Championship Title Belt?

It’s been a year since I had the roasting belt. I’m the first one and I’m going to be the last. I’m keeping this belt.

CH: You’ve been doing stand-up for a minute but what made you get involved with the roasting league?

They came to us and a couple other comedians. We do the roasting thing on a daily, on and off stage. They heard about us. OD, Ralph, and others put it together. We actually did the first one in Atlanta for $ 150. It’s all fun.

CH: Now you’ve competed against so many people, has there ever been a battle you felt you almost lost?

To be honest, I would have to say comedian FattMan Deezy. A lot of people can’t see the same thing I do during the roast. We definitely have similar intelligence. I noticed he was sharpening my sword as we were roasting and kept me on top of my game.I hope they plan on taking it to other cities…. I’m trying to take it around the world.. If it’s going to grow it should grow in other places. New audiences. New people. Like I said I’m the king of the whole land not just my area…. [Laughs]

CH: Took notice of your BiggLife brand, what’s that about?

BiggLife is my movement. BiggLife apparel clothing line. I started that just to control my audience. People were starting my comedy already and thought it was funny. So I thought if I made a brand they would wear my clothes…

CH: Roasting has become a funny past time and is gaining popularity in the mainstream. Why do you think people love Roasting battles?

People like controversy, they like problems. They like to see a problem that is okay. People like to see organized chaos, it’s like therapy. Same thing with boxing, same thing with sports. They want to see people try kill each other but be okay at the end of it. It’s kind of sick but that’s America.

CH: Looking at the controversy surrounding Donald Trump’s precidency, do you think he would make a good roaster?

As far as Trump, a lot of people don’t respect him or like him. I can understand him but I don’t like him. He’s an asshole, so that comes from truth, he speaks his mind… but I think arrogance leads to self destruction, he’s going to tear America up but that’s a good thing because it can bring the people together…. I think he would be good on a roast and to be roasted [Laughs] , on both sides ….he made himself an easy target..

If you are in Atlanta on April 27th be sure to stop by the next Roasting World Championship battle at Club Deja Vu 2. Comedians Tiny and Big Sean Larkins will be battling out in front of a live audience.

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