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Not long ago, Leslie Jones became a victim of cyber bullying. The attack online was so much of an issue that it inspired several new policies on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. As the Rio Olympics continues, US Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas has been getting hit with a bunch of criticism from her hair to where here hand is during the national anthem. Leslie decided to step in yesterday to show her support for Gabby which rallied several stars to step up.

Ghostbusters star and Rio Olympics super-fan Leslie Jones has taken to Twitter with a viral hashtag in support of US Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas. Douglas has been under social media attack from royal jerks for days, all because she didn’t put her hand on her chest during the Star Spangled Banner during a medal ceremony, and didn’t cheer quite hard enough for other gymnasts during the all-around final for some fans’ liking, and even that her hair isn’t “straight enough.” Jones was herself recently the target of ire from haters with nothing better to do than try to tear down successful black women, and is now sticking up for Douglas on Twitter, even getting CEO Jack Dorsey involved.


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The post Leslie Jones Supports Gabby Douglas With #LOVE4GABBYUSA On Twitter appeared first on Hip Hop Illustrated.

Original article: Leslie Jones Supports Gabby Douglas With #LOVE4GABBYUSA On Twitter.

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