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By Corey Tate 

You’ve seen comedian Burpie on your favorite MTV comedy shows, like DeRay Davis’ “Joking Off” or Nick Cannon’s “Wild N’ Out”. Burpie is making his way through the comedy world and navigating alongside comedy’s biggest names. Comedy Hype caught up with Burpie to talk about his MTV presence, stand-up comedy and his ultimate career goals. The rising stand-up comedian even gave his input about the reported tensions between comedy veteran Luenell and reality star (Who Burpie tours with). According to him both women should be respected.

CH: Aside from “Wild N’ Out”, you’ve done other MTV projects like Joking Off hosted by DeRay Davis. Have you noticed and differences between “Joking Off” and “Wild N Out”?

Burpie: There are definitely differences. The main difference is that “Joking Off” has more individual-based performances, while “Wild N Out” is more team-based. But they’re both great shows because they help you build two different sets of skills.

CH: “Wild N’ Out” made its first trip to the UK, What other countries do you think would love to catch the show on tour?

Burpie: I think the whole world should be exposed to “Wild N’ Out” [Laughs]. It’s such a fun show that I want everyone to be able to see it. I also think the idea of doing live shows in these countries gives fans a chance to come and feel the energy in person. I’m definitely happy that “Wild N’ Out” is branching out to more countries.

CH: Comedian Luenell recently called out NeNe Leakes for getting into comedy. You recently joined NeNe on her comedy tour, what’s your perspective on the situation?

 I don’t really have a perspective on the situation. I stay in my lane. I respect Luenell for being the comedy veteran that she is and I respect NeNe for being such a hustler and going where the money is. I also thank her for bringing me on tour. That’s pretty much where my perspective ends.

comedian burpie

CH: You have a twin brother. What was the craziest story you can share that involved you having a twin brother?

Burpie: I remember one day in 3rd grade, during recess, I went into the class and stole a bunch of Blow Pops. I think someone saw me, so when we got back to class, I asked my brother to switch seats with me. Turns out, someone did see me and my brother got in trouble [Laughs]. I could go on for days with stories about the stuff we’d do. I guess being a twin has its perks [Laughs].

CH: If you’re stand-up comic, you can basically go anywhere and have a good show. But is there anywhere in the country where you feel the most at home?

Burpie: It varies. I definitely feel most at home in the south. Because that’s where I’m from and I talk about a lot of southern things. But also I love performing in places like New York and LA. Those are 2 of the toughest places to perform, but I love the challenge. Also, when I perform in NY or LA, people show me nothing but love. So, I like performing everywhere.

CH: “Wild N’ Out” has a lot of fun segments and games. As a cast member, what your favorite segment to do?

Burpie: All of the games are fun, but my favorite 2 are “R & Beef” and “Remix” because I’m a singer. There’s nothing like making up a song on the spot and people liking it. That’s such a great feeling. And sometimes, my teammates will throw those segments to me, because they know it’s one of my strengths. I also like doing the singing games with Chico Bean. When we do them together, it’s insane. It’s always a fun time and a good outcome.

comedian burpie

CH: Every comedian has an ultimate goal. Some want to be the best at stand up, some want to be movie stars. What’s your ultimate goal?

Burpie: My ultimate goal is to just have people know my name from comedy. Whether it be stand up or TV, I just want to people to associate my name with being funny. I want people to know that I’m going to be funny when they come see my shows or when they hear that I’m going to be part of a project. I think once that happens, everything else will fall into place. Ultimately, I just want to be remembered for being a funny person.

We’ll see more of Burpie when both Joking Off and Wild N’ Out premiere for new season on August 4th with MTV, starting at 10PM.

By Corey Tate 

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