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MARTIN is easily one of the most recognized sitcoms to ever hit TV. The series introduced audiences to a cast of characters that fans of all ages have found to appreciate. Over the years there have been rumors surrounding a reunion, and even a reboot of the actual show. So what if MARTIN would return to TV? Who would star in the series? Comedy Hype decided to bring the speculations to life with our own casting of a MARTIN Reboot. We covered the shows 5 main characters and matched them with the actors that could take on the roles.

Martin: Martin Lawrence – It took us a minute to figure out that Martin Lawrence being replaced by anyone for a MARTIN Reboot no longer becomes ‘A MARTIN Reboot’. The thing that made MARTIN such a special series was largely the fact that Martin Lawrence starred in the project. At the time of the 90’s sitcom; Lawrence was just seeing greater success in his career. He was giving young urban audiences something they’ve never seen before, their truth. Martin’s own life experiences played too much into the fabric of the show to comfortably replace the man the show was named after.


Cole: Kel Mitchell – Cole originally played by Carl Payne was one of Martin’s closest friends who helped provide the series with comedic relief. Wether Cole was having trouble with his mom or said something that had many on the show scratching their heads; he was still loved. For the role of Cole we have to nominate Kel Mitchell (Known from Kenan & Kel). Why? Cole had to continuously convince the audience that all of his screws weren’t tight which is a talent within itself. We’ve seen Kel Mitchell play the same type of role as he played the orange soda loving Kel on Nickelodeon for years. Timing also plays as to why Kel would be great for the role; this could be his official comeback.


Pam: Bresha Webb – When Pam and Martin would go at it; people would take notes on how to properly throw insults. YouTube is filled with Martin & Pam roast moments that still gets laughs today. Bresha Webb who actually ended up in one of Martin Lawrence’s recent TV projects, Love That Girl on TV One; could easily come in as Pam. With her background of stand-up; Webb shouldn’t have a problem with delivering one-liners all while playing best friend to Martin’s woman.

robin thede

Gina: Robin Thede – Gina Waters who was made popular by the talented Tisha Campbell had everything each character on the show possessed. She had her own Cole moments, knew how to keep it real like Martin, played a loyal best friend like Pam, and even served as a voice of reason much the way Tommy did. If we had to go with a comedic actress from this generation to play the lovable Gina Waters we could see Robin Thede step into the role. Thede ends up on our list mainly because she would have to play a great comedy wingman. With her previously playing on the side of such comedians like Affion Crockett, Larry Wilmore, and Mike Epps; Thede would be right at home with bringing the best out of her fellow comedic co-stars.

Tommy: No One – This year the world lost actor Thomas Mikal Ford who not only played the role of Tommy on MARTIN but was “Tommy”. We can’t see anyone else that would do the role as much justice as Ford. From the signature laugh to the moments when audiences almost caught Ford breaking character from laughing; he was everyone’s Tommy. To Reboot MARTIN with someone playing Tommy wouldn’t feel the same. Maybe the writers would have to suggest Tommy moved somewhere for his job to explain Tommy’s absence?

So if they ever decided to introduce another MARTIN to this generation, those of the actors we think could do the reboot justice. In the meantime we have a collection of timeless MARTIN moments that never get old.


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