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New York comedians Marie Faustin and Sydnee Washington have teamed up again for a new podcast streaming exclusively on ComedyHype.Com on a designated channel. “The Unofficial Expert” premieres on Friday September 23rd. New episodes will be released weekly and will feature a new guest every show.

By Joe Glasgow

Marie and Sydnee met at a UCB open mic 2 years ago. Marie had recently moved back from a trial run in Los Angeles, which she described as “Just riding the bus back and forth.” Sydnee was eagerly starting out in the NYC scene doing 3-4 mics a night. At first, their thoughts of each other were admittedly shallow:

“She cute,” said Washington.

“Oh she’s pretty,” responded Faustin.

After approaching one another after a show the two immediately clicked. Even more importantly, their comedic styles matched up seamlessly. Sydnee loved how goofy Marie was and how she seemed “in her own world.” Marie was impressed by the amount of stand up that Sydnee was doing, so they began doing as many open mics together as they could.

Since then, the two have been producing live comedy shows as well as comedic videos. Their online series, “S+M” features Sydnee and Marie offering their point of view on topics ranging from Snapchat to their first kisses. With an excessive amount of comedy coming from white men, Marie and Sydnee enjoy offering their comedic perspectives as black women.

There is a demand for black women right now – and women in general to be funny


The podcast will showcase a fun and fast-paced style similar to “S+M” with the addition of a guest – or as they called them: the unofficial expert. Guests are brought on the show when they claim to be an expert in a certain field. Most of these fields being random, and often, somewhat useless.

Everyone has a friend or knows somebody who thinks they’re an expert at things that people don’t care about.


Some of these experts will include: “Southern Hospitality” expert, “The Hood” expert, and the “White Guy expert”. These guests are quizzed on their knowledge of the certain subject and also go through different hilarious tests in order to prove their expertise. Most of the guests are comedians, as Sydnee and Marie wanted the show to be as funny as possible. Though they found that the interviews they have done so far have been surprisingly informational.

“The ones that aren’t super funny are very interesting.” Said Faustin.

“The Unofficial Expert” episodes will all be in the 55-minute to an hour time range. Tune in to ComedyHype.Com every Friday to hear them first. You can find all of the S+M episodes here: If you’re in the NYC area, be sure to check out Marie and Sydnee’s monthly stand up show at Karma Lounge on the 2nd Saturday of the month.

By Joe Glasgow


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