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In the mid-90’s Percy Miller also known by his stage name Master P took over the Hip-Hop industry from humble beginnings. The Louisiana rapper’s brand No Limit marked a new frontier in Hip-Hop as it showcased an execution of running an independent company. Now in 2016, comedian Mario Da Comic (Mario Pleasant) out of New Orleans looks to create the same path all while armed with his jokes and relentless approach into starting from nothing. Allow us to introduce the self pro-claimed Comedy Goon.

2011 I was out of ideas, being in the streets wasn’t working, and jobs weren’t working. The first time I ever did comedy I saw results. I’ve been a comedian my whole life. Funny has gotten me out of trouble, has gotten me in trouble, has gotten me pussy, comedy has protected me….

CH: Why isn’t New Orleans a big scene for comedy, what’s the reason?

MP: Due to us not having a comedy club makes it tougher. After Katrina, you have more entertainers here, not just rappers. We influence a lot of entertainment. We’re not popular for comedy, we don’t have resources at all for comedy, we have no comedy club, but we have the most soul just like Chicago. There’s a lot of violence here. But that’s where humor comes from, pain. Chief Keef and those guys have some of the most sense of humor. I’m going to conquer where I’m from, the ball is in my court, nobody knows me. In New Orleans they’re only familiar with Kevin Hart, DeRay Davis, DL Hughley, Cedric The Entertainer, and guys from Comic View. I tell comics all the time that I’m putting asses in seats and you don’t know me. For Essence Festival (in New Orleans), the guy who plays Bruh Man and Rip Michaels come down here for a comedy brunch. People tell me I should go down there, “blah blah..” I never got ahead like that, hard work has always been it for me. I don’t feel no type of way that they don’t recognize guys like me, I want to be under the radar. Lil Wayne walked past Drake three months before he signed him.

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CH: What does Master P represent for you since he was an entertainer from your hometown?

MP: Matser P is my inspiration. Master P and Brian Williams are my inspiration. Coming from New Orleans is hard. To be honest with you, P was the first to show you can do what you want. Before P, New Orleans didn’t believe in shit until The Ice Cream man came along baby. He went to Richmond, California and showed you. He was able to sell those disc like that because he was from New Orleans.

CH: Comedy is becoming more entrepreneurial, are you inspired by people than just comedians?

MP: That’s who (entrepreneurs) I study.. It’s hard to blow up home then somewhere else… It’s very hard to become a national artist with longevity form your home… that is hard to fu*cking do. You don’t go to LA for ten years to try to make it …. from home, it’s harder. You choose to stay home and put the city on your back to shine in a different element than what it’s known for. New Orleans has a strong rap base. Being from New Orleans, where no one is smiling. Nobody said they want to be a comedian. I’m one of ten comedians down here. And one of the five consistently working comedians.

CH: Where did you company COMEDY GOON come from?, what does it mean?

MP: Due to my past, due to my family. I chose to be inspired where I come from. I have to worry about my people, that where I have to start. I want my comedy to touch everybody. My family was pretty much savages. I come from New Orleans where every person in your family is either dead or in jail. I know at least 16 guys I went to high school with that are dead. I had a conversation with my homie in jail, he told me about how they love me up there and they’re following me, the goons. You are a goon at whatever you do. I don’t care if you always in the gym, that means, you’re a gym goon. You’re beasting, you’re a monster. My cousins and brothers did things I didn’t want to do. They miss me on that end but the goon is still in me because I’m a goon with this comedy stuff. I found a way to channel all my anger.

Mario’s recently spoof of top-selling rapper Desiigner’s song with a skit.

I don’t want to take over.. I want what God has for me.. Since 16 years old I sold drugs, I worked for people, washed dishes, worked at warehouses, had crack in my ass, and got shot up…. I cant guarantee that my net worth will be like Ciroc or Kevin Hart but I know something good is going to come out of this

CH: How did your viral skit 48 Hours Parody (Whole Hoe Ouchea) come together?

MP: First 48 was a joke I used to close out with. At the time First 48 wasn’t coming to New Orleans. I used to sit at home and all my partners used to talk about how people be ratting on each other on the show. We used to talk about how New Orleans people would never do that. We ended up doing the skit, and I slapped the table, “ I’m one of the realist n*ggas….”

CH: What’s the vision to where you trying to take it to?

My vision is pretty much having a successful business. I want a multi-million dollar brand. The No Limit of comedy. It’s everything. I want to be the Master P of comedy.

Stay locked to Comedy Hype to catch more of Mario’s upcoming moves.

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