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As announced Chappelle recently took his act to New York City for a run of comedy shows. Amongst his material; he had no choice but to share his thoughts on the racial tension in the country and even shared his thoughts towards The Black Lives Matter movement. Now for many reading this, Chappelle not being a fan of BLM would come as a surprise after many of his career moments speak in a tone that you would assume supported BLM. But according to ShowBiz411, Dave doesn’t like the slogan Black Lives Matter and would rather go with Dwayne Wade’s “Enough is enough”.

He began the hour by saying, quite jovially: “This will be a racist show. I’m telling you now.” His jokes about blacks and white were evenly divided. But the subjects of the day were right up there. “Black lives matter is a terrible slogan,” he said. He much prefers Dwayne Wade’s hashtag “enough is enough.” As for the killing of Wade’s cousin, and Donald Trump’s immediate vulgarizing of it, Chappelle said: “Oh yeah, now I’m voting for Donald Trump.” That drew peals of laughter from the mixed race crowd. But I couldn’t help wonder what black comics and their audiences are saying around the country in similar clubs. Trump’s message–“What do you have to lose?”–is now a set up for various punchlines…What Chappelle is looking for in people is empathy. “When did it become just caring about ourselves and not caring about other people?” he asked rhetorically. Empathy becomes his key word, and he weaves it through some outrageous and mildly raunchy passages.

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