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If you watched last night’s episode of Atlanta on FX you may have seen a story of a trans-racial black man played by online sensationNileseyyNiles. Niles has spearheaded millennial audiences with his sketches, music videos, and original creations.  In an interview with Complex, Niles ended up sharing how he got on Donald Glover’s series and what he plans on doing in the future.

COMPLEX: It was a great surprise to see you pop up on the screen when I was watching this episode, even though people had been speculating you’d make an appearance ever since you posted a Snap with Donald Glover earlier this year. How did you end up getting the role?

I’m not sure exactly how he found me. I know Donald Glover has seen some of my previous work and had someone reach out to me.

COMPLEX:Was it weird to see Twitter go so ham when you mentioned being on Atlanta in that picture?

I dropped a bomb on that one—I was just excited. Talking to my manager afterwards, [I realized I] said it a little early. I was just so excited. [But] I just stopped talking about it to let everyone get surprised whenever they actually do see it.

COMPLEX: This is a pretty amazing acting debut. What was it like for you jumping into that arena?

It was crazy. Coming from social media, it’s like you got social media and you have the real world. There’s like a break in between the two, so for me to have this as my first opportunity to really jump out there and get in that field—that’s a dope experience.

COMPLEX: It seems like Donald bases a lot of stuff in Atlanta from real life, but do you know if your character Antoine was inspired by Rachel Dolezal?

I think so. I wouldn’t put it past him.

COMPLEX: Do you have any more aspirations in TV or film in the future?

Yeah, we’re working with a couple of people to pitch some shows to a couple of different companies right now. I’m in the collective LeanSquad, we all do comedy videos together. We’ve built the brand, we’ve built the numbers up, so at this point we are trying to put together some things and actually start to get a show going for us. We know we can do it on another level.

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Original article: Online Star NileseyyNiles Talks About Landing A Role In FX’s ATLANTA.

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