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We’ve all heard the allegations that Dr. William Cosby PHD, is really Dr. Feelgood from the dark side, dispensing more date rape drugs than a Detroit street pharmacist slings crack. But what if he didn’t? Under the headline of, “Say what?!?” Did you know that date rape drugs such as GHB are party drugs-especially in the entertainment capitals of the world like Los Angeles and Las Vegas? Did you know that women regularly take date rape drugs as part of their sexual routine? Did you know that the foremost authority on sex, Dr. David Reuben, states these facts in his mega best seller “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex, But Were Afraid To Ask?” Did you know that every media outlet that has labeled Bill Cosby the OJ of sexual assault, all reviewed this book, and use Dr. Reuben as an expert commentator on all things sex, but just happen not to mention his take on date rape drugs?

The Quaalude was the GHB of the 70’s, and as numerous movies, books, and TV flashback pieces detail, everyone wanted Quaaludes, everyone took Quaaludes. More importantly everyone that Bill Cosby knew in the 70’s would have sought him out for Quaaludes since he seemed to always have a ready supply on hand. Combine Cosby’s level of fame and access to the Playboy mansion, where the best parties on Earth took place, with his access to the fun meds, and all of a sudden, Cosby doesn’t look the booty bandit he has been portrayed to be. And by the way, Cosby never admitted he drugged anyone in the infamous “Quaalude deposition,” it was the media’s “selective editing” that has the world thinking he did.

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Now the science. Did you know that one of the effects of taking Quaaludes and other such happy drugs is that when they wear off, you are anything but happy? Such drugs produce a “euphoria hangover” where you go from super loving everyone, to super hating everyone-especially the guy that gave you the drugs. Scientific fact. Did you know NBC, home of the iconic Cosby Show, and the first outlet to ban Bill, ran an hour long program on “Dateline” about teenage girls that take date rape drugs for the sole purpose of having a gangbang with 10, 20, 30 guys at a time? Somehow the media just “happened” to not mention this in the thousands of hours it has devoted to its “Bill Cosby is the worst human being ever” coverage. Finally, I find it impossible to believe that you can have a guy that is such a blatant Jekyll and Hyde sandman, in the gossip capital of the world that Hollywood is, and women of all people didn’t spread the word around. As we used to say in the old days, before the cell phone, “The three fastest ways of communication are telephone, telegraph, and tell a woman.” I’m just saying, where are Cosby’s attorneys and PR peeps on this?


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