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This past June while traveling the world to promote his newest film Central Intelligence with The Rock, Kevin Hart ended up a victim of home invasion. As reported thieves left his home with up to $ 500,000 worth of items from clothes to jewelry. Fortunately no one was hurt when the incident took place. Since then Kevin has responded to the robbery by sharing a positive outlook on the situation and even made a few jokes about it but the robbers still remain at large.

Following the news of the incident, it has been noted that the people behind the robbery are linked to a multitude of celebrity burglaries. As they continue the investigation; Kevin has shared that his home’s security cameras were on during the incident to help find the people who broke into his home. He even took things further to find the robbers by taking it to his social media with an alleged picture of one of the robbers. On his Instagram page he went on to write:

Here is a picture from the security cameras of the jackass that’s been robbing houses….Real smart move wearing the cool ski mask that shows ur eyebrows & the bags under your eyes. We are on yo ass man….I’m about to show you the power of social media….One of my followers might recognize you and might not like you which would mean that they could careless about giving you up….Lets play a game of tell on the robber real quick…who knows I might get lucky!!!!!

The action of Hart opening up the incident to his fans made us think that if he really wants to catch the people who did it, maybe he should set a bet. Yes and actual bet. For those who don’t know Kevin enjoys his fair share of bets wether it be challenging a friend to whip into better shape or something small; Hart doesn’t mind to put his money where his mouth is. Celebrities, and athletes in general have had an ongoing relationship with the world of gambling, maybe other celebrities could consider this move as well . So how about a game of ‘To Catch A Thief’ , winner gets $ 50,000? Now we’re sure the police are doing a solid investigation on the matter but what could beat having over a million looking for your stuff? This is why Kevin should definitely go ahead and make this his next bet, either way he still winning big.


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