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After an eleven-year run, the laughter stops this weekend at Chicago’s Jokes and Notes; the black-owned and operated comedy club that served as a home to Chicago natives including Deon Cole, Damon Williams, Lil Rel and others, is closing its doors—at least for now. We were able to catch up with several Chicago comedians to reflect on the impact of club owner Mary Lindsey and Jokes and Notes’ place in the city’s comedy community. Check out some of their final words on the historic comedy club closing it’s doors after all these years.

By LaShawn Williams

Comedian Marlon Mitchell

Jokes and Notes closing is very powerful especially for the south side of Chicago; it’s the only black owned and operated comedy club and a woman is running it. I learned a lot from Mary. She’s a straight up businesswoman and I’ve been with her the whole 11 years. I will miss her dearly. She opened my eyes to a broader world of comedy. I really hope this [closing] is only a joke because the club is so needed in Chicago. For up and coming comics and for older [established] comics, we all need a place to work and we need a place that’s respected. We had nothing but fun at Jokes and Notes. It was a joy to work for Mary but hopefully, this [closing] will be short-lived.

Damon Williams

Jokes and Notes has been instrumental in keeping the Chicago comedy circuit alive. Mary’s [Lindsey] connection to the industry has helped increase opportunities for us all. The club’s closing is possibly temporary; my partner Steve Capers and I are meeting with the building to get the space…

Comedian Baldhead Philips

I hosted at Jokes and Notes for six years. I had an audience when I got there and it made my audience grow. It made me sharpen my skills as a host and as a headliner. Actually, the real beauty of it is because of the club owner, Mary Lindsey, I became an official headliner at a black-owned comedy club. It’s tragic to me that it’s closing but it had a great run. A lot of black businesses don’t last a decade and I really wish it could’ve lasted longer but like anything you are a part of, you hate to see it go.

Comedian B. Cole

Jokes and Notes was that workout gym for me to always come home from off the road to go train to better my skills in front of the most fun, brutal, and respectable comedy audience I’ve ever encountered, but that was the works of Mary Lindsey, knowing what kind of comedians to give her customers. I’m very glad I was part of her creative structure for a historical black owned comedy club on the south side of Chicago. Jokes and Notes will never be forgotten.

Lil Rel (Via Instagram)

What can I say about this amazing club… Jokes and Notes was my home away from home… It’s where I was able to grow comedically, learn the business and build a fan base… That stage is where all of my truth would come out rather good or bad it was a place I could put it all on the table… Mary Lindsey became my second mom and teacher… I’m so thankful to have built my legacy there and thankful to Mary for giving me that opportunity… It’s the end of an amazing 11 year run but believe me we know Mary isn’t done yet.. Stay tuned… Thank you @jokesandnotes and Mary Lindsey for helping this Westside kid dreams come true… I will miss you and sorry I couldn’t be there this weekend…

deon cole

Deon Cole (Via WGN Radio)

It’s just one of those things you have to progress and grow. Making moves is apart of life. One door closes another door opens. Other comics are about to feel the void of not having a very well ran establishment to work material out. I think that it’s needed… Hopefully the comedy stays at a high level instead of everyone becoming bar comics. … Mary has made a lot of great comedian’s career. I;m quite sure her next move is going to be her best move.

LaShawn Williams is a freelance writer and editor from Chicago, Illinois. She is an arts and entertainment enthusiast who has a serious thing for stand-up comedy, music and dance. Follow her on Twitter: @MsWilliamsWorld.

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