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DR. DRE – Before They Were Famous

BEFORE his debut studio album The Chronic released in 1992 would become one of the most celebrated Hip Hop Albums of all time.
BEFORE his second studio album 2001 would be certified sextuple platinum and give us such bangers as ‘Forgot About Dre’ & ‘Still D.R.E.’
BEFORE his sale of Beats to Apple was the biggest single-year payday of any musician in history.
BEFORE Dr. Dre got his hands on as many as six Grammy’s, an AMA and two MTV Video Awards for his work as a rapper, producer and sound engineer.
BEFORE Dr. Dre came straight outta Compton.

Which was a film Produced by Dr. Dre, meaning he told you the story the way he wanted you to see it.

Dr. Dre originally went by the name Dr. J after his favourite basketball player Julius ‘Dr. J’ Erving. He was first inspired to get into music when he heard the the song ‘The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel.’ That lit a fire inside of him and he would spend countless hours in his room toying with records and mixers. He fathered his first child at the age of 16 and was do to do music the way he wanted to do it, but without the capital he had to listen to others. He was a member of the world Class Wreckin’ Cru, who were originally called Disco Construction but beside some night club gigs, things weren’t exactly taking off. Then in 1987, Dr. Dre went to prison for overdue parking tickets. Local drug dealer Eazy-E bailed him out which resulted in the beginning of N.W.A.

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